September 1, 2018 - Residents in Area 1 - Don't be lowballed by Stockland! :

"There are many compelling reasons why re-zoning won't happen and town planners agree, changes will take some doing. The developers are speculating and will therefore be offering low values. Don't be fooled."

Stockland recently purchased land 25km north of Perth at Sinagra for $1.325m per hectare (valuing 5 acres at around $2.65m in that area) and we all know Jandakot is much closer to Perth with better amenities and greater access.

Land in Calleya sells for around $1000/m2 Ė thatís $20m for your average rural property (less the development costs of creating a residential estate). Itís in the salespersons interest to talk the values down, but Stockland still face considerable challenges to re-zone. This is not a done deal by any means. They need contiguous plots of land to develop, and our land is a prime location right opposite Calleya.

Regardless of your position on re-zoning, we would encourage residents in either area designated by Stockland to consider the worth of their property and to collaborate with other like-minded residents before signing anything!

Download our flyer here.


August 21, 2018 - Local Planning Strategy & Scheme - Treeby & Jandakot :

The City of Cockburn will be holding planning workshops for residents within the Planning Investigation Area on 12th September - please follow the link to RSVP:

Treeby and Jandakot Inside Planning area or Outside Planning Area


July 22, 2018 - Jandakot Rural Landowners Inc. AGM Held :

Jandakot Rural Landowners Inc. today held its inaugural AGM to elect office bearers and committe members.

Website under construction - coming soon!


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